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TV Everywhere

All video services have been upgraded!

We are proud to include WatchTVEverywhere with all of our video services.

WatchTVEverywhere streams some of your favorite channels and programming to your laptop, your tablet, your smartphones and other devices.

Anywhere you can receive an Internet signal, you can WatchTVEverywhere: inside your home, at the office, hotel, airport, even on a vacation.

It really is everywhere.

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Q: How is WatchTVEverywhere different from Hulu or Netflix?
A: It is FREE with your video subscription through Fibrant.
Q: What programs are available?
A: Each TV network makes different programs available at different times. Some programming is live, some is recorded. For example, CNN is live and Nickelodeon is recorded.
Q: Can I watch my favorite sports programming?
A: ESPN, NBC Sports and NFL are already available, with more to come.
Q: I see NBC but I don't see NBC Sports. How do I find it?
A: To get to any of NBC's subchannels such as NBC Sports, just select the NBC logo and from there you can see all NBC related channels. The same applies for any other network that has multiple channels.
Q: Which devices can I use?
A: Computers, iPad, iPhone and Android run most programs. Apple TV, Roku, Xbox and other devices are more limited.
Q: How can I access WatchTVEverywhere?
A: Go to watchtveverywhere.com where you can login with your Fibrant video subscription.
Q: I'm having some trouble entering my subscription information. What's up?
A: Under "Name" in the login form enter your last name in ALL CAPS. Also, make sure that there are no dashes (-) in your account number. If you are still having trouble, call our Technical Support at (704) 638-5300.
Q: I don't have TV Everywhere. How do I get it?
A: WatchTVEverywhere is included in all of Fibrant's video service packages. You must have a Fibrant video subscription to access WatchTVEverywhere.
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