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Internet Packages

Now offering extreme speeds with our exclusive Velocity packages!

300 x 300 MBPS


per month

Cut the cord with traditional TV! Velocity makes streaming online TV, video and similar services easy and affordable!

600 x 600 MBPS


per month

With Velocity-X, your family can work from home, video chat, download movies, and game online all at the same!

Call (704) 638-5300 to speak with a sales associate for more details!

Residential rates. Does not apply to business services. Offer is valid for new Fibrant customers in Salisbury, NC. Internet speeds are dependent upon many factors, including use of a wired or wireless connection, the type or age of the device used, type of usage, and the number of simultaneous connections present. Actual speeds are available and measured at the ONT. Specialized routers are required for these speeds, and are provided for a monthly fee of $9.99 for Velocity, and $19.99 for Velocity-X. Non-return of equipment and additional fees may apply. Other conditions apply to all offers. All Rights Reserved.

Couple looking up Fibrant on a laptop

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When you live in Salisbury, NC, you can have both the history, culture and friendliness of a small city and the lightning-fast fiber-optic internet speeds of a gigabit city!

Fibrant is proud to offer residents the fastest internet in the region!

We also offer symmetric upload and download speeds, meaning you can download a movie just as quickly as you can upload files to the cloud! Other internet providers can't match that!

Fiber-optic broadband networks send information using pulses of light, while traditional networks use radio frequency signals sent over copper wire. Fiber networks like Fibrant are much faster as a result, with speeds that are hard to match and capacity that's hard to bog down.