As part of America's first 10 Gig City, Fibrant offers blistering Internet speeds for business in Salisbury, NC. Delivered on the area's first and only 100% fiber optic network, Fibrant's Internet delivers the highest bandwidth you can get, with virtually unlimited possibilities to meet your company's needs now and in the future.

With upload and download speeds of up to 10 Gigabit per second, Fibrant is the fastest internet by far, allowing you to share huge presentation files, videos and diagnostic images in seconds. And since it's built for Salisbury, Fibrant is backed by local customer service and reliability.

Whether your business is large or small, you've got to have speed and reliability. Fibrant's Internet gives you both-plus all the extras that make all-fiber broadband the leading edge choice.

Fibrant provides symmetrical upload and download speeds on ALL Internet packages!
Keep your small business on the leading edge!

10x10 MBPS

  • economical
  • 1/3 U.S. average download speed
  • same as U.S. average upload speed

15x15 MBPS

  • room to grow
  • 1/2 U.S. average download speed
  • 2x U.S. average upload speed
Beat the competition with faster connections!

30x30 MBPS

  • better than average
  • same as U.S. average download speed
  • 3x U.S. average upload speed

50x50 MBPS

  • very popular
  • 1.5x U.S. average download speed
  • 5x U.S. average upload speed
Grow your enterprise to the next level!

100x100 MBPS

  • powerful
  • 3x U.S. average download speed
  • 10x U.S. average upload speed


  • world-class
  • 30x U.S. average download speed
  • 100x U.S. average upload speed
Innovate and problem-solve for the future!


  • fastest city-wide Internet in America!
  • 300x u.S. average download speed
  • 1000x U.S. average upload speed
  • innovative
  • ground-breaking enterprise
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