Fibrant customer getting TV service on a tablet. Fibrant customer getting TV service on a tablet.

TV Everywhere

We are proud to include WatchTVEverywhere with all our video services!

What do we do?

Life at gigabit speeds.

Modern life is fast. Our 100% fiber optic network provides the fastest city-wide internet up to 10 gigabits per second (GBPS).

We have high-definition, uncompressed video services with free WatchTVEverywhere. Our phone service is crystal clear and includes over 16 features.

We also support businesses with additional options including our ad insertion, data center and dark fiber services.

Who are we?

Committed to Salisbury's future.

We are a true local provider and are committed to providing fair pricing to our hometown of Salisbury, NC.

We offer local service and our employees are friendly professionals from the area. Keep your money in the local economy, instead of sending it away to national providers.

Customer service is our purpose, our passion, and our priority! Call anytime, day or night, for technical support from people who live and work right here in Salisbury.

Why Fibrant?

The future is already here.

Fibrant was built by the City of Salisbury, NC to offer residents and businesses the high speed connections needed in the modern world.

In 2010, national companies refused to provide high speeds to our small town, so we did it ourselves and did it better!

We are proud to have recently become the first city-wide network in America with Internet up to 10 Gbps!

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